First night/day …….

Woke up on our first morning and we both agreed the Queen bed is b****y hard!! So straight on the shopping list was a mattress topper we had seen but decided to wait until we had tried it out!!

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Then I tried out the shower, water flow was just about acceptable, but Anne then tried and said that the flow wasn’t enough to wash her hair properly. Well I figured it was the water pump, so I looked at the manual and discovered I had made a mistake. To be honest it was our previous experience of RVing in Canada that caused me to make the mistake. The RV we hired in Canada had a campground water connection, but we weren’t allowed to use it, just the gravity water tank fill and the on-board pump as apparently they had too many hire RVs blowing up water systems with over pressurised mains feeds. Well this “big beast” has a water pressure reducer fitted (keeps it at 40psi max which is what the water system is rated at) and that keeps over pressurised systems in check and allows you to run direct water pressure from the campground with no water pump in use. You only use the water pump when boon docking (camping  on the open road or a Walmart car park, yes they allow it!!).

So off went the pump and bingo good pressure throughout the coach except (you guessed it) the shower!! So the next culprit was the shower head. Disconnected it and sure enough the water from the hose was flowing nicely, so what is wrong with shower head? Perhaps it was blocked but on taking it apart all was well. And then I happened to look at the bit that screwed into the pipe and what I saw was a plastic insert with 3 minute holes in it. Great thought I a pressure reducer. No chance this was stuck in as permanent fixture and I can only think it is to help the feed when we are running on the pump. So the next item on the shopping list was a proper shower head!! (Update new shower head is a success).

Next I went outside to fit the wheel covers. Now some off you at this point will be thinking has he gone nuts putting covers on the tyres and wheels, but there is a reason for this. The Florida sun is quite hot (British understatement) and has a high (actually very high) UV reading, and UV light does nasty things to large RV tyres(truck tyres really), like cracking sidewalls causing blowouts. With two new tyres on the front and 4 fairly new tyres on the back axle I wasn’t taking any chances so on went the covers.

Just in time as it happened, as a huge thunderstorm then rolled in and deluged us for an hour. Thunder and lightening in an RV is an experience, as is heavy rain bouncing off the roof, but at least it proved we have no leaks.

After this we spent the afternoon in Walmart and Publix getting our food supplies in as the fridge is now down to the correct temperature and the ice maker is making big chunks of ice!!

When we got back we cooked our first meal in the RV which was an interesting experience but with the vent fan, the cooker vent fan and the air con running we have no lasting smells and it stayed quite cool.

Christopher is arriving  early tomorrow as he is mountain biking in the park track for an hour or so. Not too early I hope, as we are retirees after all.

So now to test the new mattress topper.

2 Replies to “First night/day …….”

  1. Just a thought Dave , has anybody mentioned checking the wheelnuts at regular / weekly intervals . I know its not a new RV but its comparatively low mileage so it might pay to check ( as one might do with a new truck ) .

    1. We have a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that measures pressure, temperature, alignment, and if anything else is amiss so it should cover us, but I will check although I don’t remember seeing a tyre lever that will fit!! We have insurance for tyre problems as you are not supposed to do DIY on the side of the highway on a Truck and you need to call out the professionals!!

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