First campground Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Well here we are after all the work buying the RV and tow car, plus contents, parked at our first Campground .

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It is about 10miles up the road from Christopher’s and about 20 miles from Palm Beach RV just in case anything is not working correctly.

After a very hot morning spent sanitising the drinking water tank outside Christopher’s house we loaded the last bits into the RV  and hitched up the Spark. Then we set off to arrive at the park at 3pm which was our “check in” time!! After filling out a few extra details with the rangers we got two vehicle passes, one for us and one for Christopher so he could see an RV in the “wild”.

We are on pitch 58 for 5 nights, to do the planned RV “shakedown”, getting used to how everything works, and making sure it all works as it should. While we were at Christopher’s parked up without the jacks out so not level, the fridge decided to throw a wobbly, but it turns out his drive was too steep and the fridge stops working if it is more than 6 degrees out of level. Anne found that out after searching the owners manual, so it was a case of RTFM.

We parked up, levelled out on the hydraulic jacks (the RV dances for about 3-4 minutes until it is satisfied the RV is level), slid the two slides out, attached the surge protection system and the 50amp lead to the electricity supply, attached the water hose to the potable (drinking water to you and me) water supply and filled our fresh water tank, and then put the sewer hose together and attached it to the sewer outlet and the black/grey tank dump valves. All done without a hitch!!

If you look closely at the photo above the first black lead is the 50amp electricity feed, the just visible blue hose is the fresh water feed and the brown hose on the black caterpillar (contraption to allow a gradual fall on the pipe to the outlet so nothing yucky gets stuck in the pipe) is the sewer connection.

We then went to get something to eat and some basic supplies (not to many as the fridge is not at the right temperature for at least 12 hours) and then returned in another thunderstorm. Florida weather is almost as changeable as the weather in the UK!! Christopher then came to see us and to check out the RV life style. First thing he said was it is quiet here and it is until an Air Con unit kicks in!! Sitting a nice balmy 77F (25C) as we have been told not to make it too cool as the hot air hits you as you leave. Leave!! I am staying in here!!

I am typing this in the RV using the AT&T phone as hotspot as there is no WiFi in State Parks.

Tomorrow we will go and get more groceries and start using all the appliances in the RV.

Watch this space.



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