The day arrived ……..

Well it finally happened we picked up the RV!!

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Got to Palm Beach RV a little early and we sorted out a couple of payments for some outstanding items, and then we set off on a test drive and lesson on driving. All went well, learnt how to avoid overhanging trees (it is 12ft 6in tall) and that doing a U turn in an RV of this length is not possible (just go around the block!!). Got to remember the rear end swings out as at least 9ft of the coach is beyond the rear wheels!! It was then we noticed a vibration from the front wheel, but more of that later.

Got all that sorted out and then returned to Palm Baech Rv to find that they still hadn’t emptied the black/grey tanks, or filled up the LPG and gas tank. So they emptied the tanks, went to AmeriGas to fill up the LPG tank and then to Racetrack garage to fill up the gas(petrol) tank.

Filling the gas tank was an experience vying with all the other people to get a 35ft bus alongside a pump, but eventually got there. You also can only go to the larger garages as you have to get a 12ft 6in bus under the canopy!! Then we started to fill and fill and fill the tank. Bear in mind it was just under half full when we started, but about 5 minutes later the pump final slowed and clicked off and we had a full tank and 45 gallons extra (US fuel pumps seem to go extremely slowly but luckily they have this nifty catch that allows the pump to carry on working without you having to hold it). Total bill $99 at $2.09 per gallon, which is 3 .78 litres approximately (that is about 45p per litre!!). I have seen it lower that at $1.99 so thank god for low prices!!

All done so we drive back to Christopher’s to drop of the Spark and then he drove us back to Palm Beach RV to finally drive the RV to Christopher’s. We had already mentioned the vibration and they said they would arrange a tech, but I am glad we did as on the drive back up I95 we couldn’t get above 50mph because the vibration got horrendous. Christopher pulled alongside on I95 and he could see the wheel was bouncing, so we backed off to 45mph and drove home. We then looked at the tyres (tires in the US!!) and the nearside had multiple flat spots and the offside had a few less but still had some. So I am back to Palm Beach to tell them we need 2 new front tyres and I am not paying for them ($450 a tyre!!).

We got the RV on the drive and with Christopher’s help and a lot of wooden blocks we got “big beast” (as Anne calls it) level on the auto hydraulic levelling system, so we could run the bedroom and living room slides out. We were hoping to use one of the house 30amp sockets to power the static RV but its not that simple in the US as the house sockets seem to have a different configuration to the RV 30 and 50amp sockets, another thing to ask.

So day ended with us running the RV on the generator, which since it has only got 94 hours use on it is no big deal.

  Rear Bedroom Slide out.

  Only a few wooden blocks.

On a level site we shouldn’t have to use any.

  “little beast” and “big beast” !!

  Living room slide out.

Today we are starting to put all the “stuff” we have bought into the RV and figure out what we still need and I am back to Palm Beach RV to get the Spark front bumper sorted and tell them about the tyres!!

Onwards and upwards!! In spite of all this we are way ahead of where we expected to be, so hopefully we will be going to our first “shake down” RV campground next week.


7 Replies to “The day arrived ……..”

  1. Dear Dave and Anne,the beast looks fantastic.I did leave an email before when you had decided to buy the bus so quickly, but perhaps it disappeared into the ether. Well once you sort out the shaky front tires we hope all goes well on your shakedown trip.its all very exciting ,hope you both enjoy everything. We will look forward to the next instalment of the adventure, you seem to be getting to grips with everything so far. Love and best wishes Bob and Lin x

    1. Hello Bob & Lin,

      Thanks for the good wishes. Everything is going so well at the moment, so we are bound to it a speed bump sometime. Enjoying the lifestyle in Florida although Anne is glad of air conditioning.
      Promise to keep the blog up to date, so if everything goes well tomorrow (Monday) we should be off to the trial campground on Wednesday.

  2. As you say you really seem to be going full speed ahead getting everything sorted-hope you get your 2 new tyres (without having to pay for them). However I did feel a smidgen sorry for the people cleaning the outside of the RV-little did they know they were talking to the King of Detailing(still haven’t come across any one else who takes bumpers off to clean a car!)

    1. Hello Karen,

      It has been agreed we do not pay for the tyres, they get fitted tomorrow as they didn’t have a tyre fitter spare today.

      I did mention that the detailing wasn’t up to snuff, so they redid it prior to putting the Resistall coating on (stops bug fluid and bird mess eating to the paint work!!).

  3. Hi Dave and Anne,great to hear you got tires sorted.Could not believe how cheap the gas is,cheapest we got is 110p a litre! Our temps are quite hot around 28c sometimes nudging 30c so we love our aircon in the cars .
    Superb number plate ,hope trial “camp”goes well,saw you tube guide around the bus,can see you will be roughing it a bit!!!!!
    Cheers love and best wishes,Bob and Lin x

    1. Hello Lin & Bob,

      New tyres solved the whole problem, now as smooth as silk. Tried out the towing hitch this evening, will post it all later.

      Yes petrol is very cheap and luckily for us the £v$ is going up so it’s getting cheaper!!


      David & Anne

  4. Hi Anne and David,

    I have just binge-read all your blog posts and it’s great to find out how you are getting on over there. Sounds as though there is so much organisation!!!
    It sounds exciting. I am so glad you have finally been able to do this after such a long time in the making.
    I will keep reading the blog. Enjoy the trial camp!

    Much love,
    Catherine, Andy and Elodie xxx

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