Vancouver Part 2

Caroline & Rashied and family returned late on the Monday from the USA as extensive shopping had to take place in various US outlet malls.

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On the Tuesday they came out to us and we all visited the Fort that Fort Langley is named after. Another place with lots to do although initially a fine drizzle put a bit of a damper on it.

Zaid signing in
Zaid found a canoe.
“I will paddle the canoe Mum, you and Zara catch the fish”
Zara had fun as well.
A bigger family boat!!
Zaid panning for gold.
Look I panned a bit of gold, although I am not sure what it is.
Walking back to the ice cream parlour.
Look granddad’s taking a photo!!
This is my new outfit grandma made me, twirl!!

We ate in the RV and then they all returned to Tim’s.

Next up was the trolley bus tour of Vancouver. We decided that we would get off at two points, Prospect Point which has views over the harbour and the Lions Gate Bridge, and the Chinese garden.

Zara decided to entertain the people on the bus by giving them a royal wave much to everyone’s amusement.

Hello I am Zara and I am waving!!
Come on lighten up!!
The Olympic torch for the Winter Games in 2010.
Stanley Gardens rose bushes.
Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park.
And again.
Lions Gate Bridge from the trolley bus.

Then we got off at Prospect Point where we had lunch and the terrible twosome were given sun glasses.

What do you do with these?
Like this Zara.
We got to meet a Mountie bear!!
Prospect Point with Lions Gate Bridge in the background.
And this nice man took a picture of all of us. Zaid wants his sunglasses.
Zaid would be pointing at this and saying “Flying Boat”!!
The view from the Point towards the Pacific.

Then we got back on the bus and got off again at the Chinese garden.

“Amazing Laughter” a group of laughing statues in Morton Park.
Steel crab outside the MacMillan Space Centre
Vancouver public library looks like the Coliseum!!
China Town.
Koi Carp in the Chinese Gardens.
And a turtle.
In a pagoda!! Zaid look this way!! “I have seen a fish”.
More Koi Carp.

Caroline and Rashied went off souvenier shopping again as they hadn’t bought all they wanted to.

On the Thursday we were invited to Brenda’s house (Emily’s mother) for a barbeque in the evening. So we decided to spend the day visiting  Squamish and Shannon Falls as her as her house was at Horseshoe bay on the way back.

Shannon Falls from a distance.
On the way up.
Here they are close up.
We made it.

We went into Squamish to get something to eat and of course the obligatory shopping!!

Then we drove back to Brenda’s house for the barbeque. It overlooks Horseshoe Bay and the marina.

Brenda’s (Emily’s mother) house perched on the hillside overlooking Horseshoe Bay.
Swimming pool next door.
Other houses up the hill.
The marina in the bay (difficult to see through the trees).

Brenda treated us to a great barbeque (with Tim on gas barbeque duty) and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

And then we reached the last full day before before Caroline, Rashied, Zaid and Zara were due to go back to the UK.

They still had some shopping to do so after returning their hire car we took the train into central Vancouver to “The Bay” (the shop named after the Hudson Bay company).

Zaid found some Canadian friends at the store.

Then we went to Granville Island on the Water Bus.

Zara liked the ride.
Zaid sat next to Grandad
View from the Water Bus.
Grandma enjoyed it (I think).

You guessed it, more shopping took place, and we also had lunch there, before walking to Kitsilano (Kits) Beach for Zaid and Zara to get their last swim in Canada.

Mmmmm I like this ice cream.
I am tired out with all this shopping!!

Tim and Emily joined us after work and we all walked back to the Afghan Horsemen for the family’s last meal out in Vancouver.

Great food at the Afghan Horsemen.

And suddenly it was Saturday the 14th and we arrived at Tim’s early to find they still hadn’t completely packed. They finally managed to get their clothes and all that shopping in their cases, plus a few extra carry on items!! Their luggage was a little bit overweight, but Zara did a good job of charming the airline staff, so they managed to check in without an extra costs. And then we had to say goodbye. Speaking for Anne and I we had a great time in Vancouver with them, and I think they thought the same!!

The Dirk family departing.
Grandad and Grandma saying goodbye.
And thanks to Tim and Emily for putting them up.

Afterwards we returned the car seats and the cot to the hire firm and then returned to the RV to relax!!

On Sunday we met up with Anna, Ian (Anna’s Dad) and Jim, Anna’s new partner, for breakfast at the White Spot, where we caught up with what they had been up to since we last saw them.

Monday was a day of rest and Tuesday was time to get the RV ready to move on. We met up with Tim and Emily in the evening for our last meal out in Vancouver.

Goodbye son. You may notice someone got her hair cut!!
Cheerio Tim & Emily.

And then on Wednesday we set off across Canada to reach the point we had decided to cross the border back into the USA, which is the next post.










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