A bit quiet ……

Sorry about not posting lately but we are now working on getting the RV kitted out.

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It’s like furnishing a new house, bedding, towels, plates, cutlery etc., so Anne is in her element shopping for the RV and as most of you know I hate shopping, so after 1 full day, Lilia offered to go with Anne so save me!! Thank you Lilia.

I have now concentrated on the “blue” things, getting the tow hitch ordered for the Chevy Spark, plus a Tyre Pressure monitoring system for the RV tyres (blowouts on a 6 wheeled vehicle are not a good idea), and we have realised driving around here that is seems to happen quite often, as I95 is littered with rubber bits!!

Next task is to buy a toolkit to keep us running, looked around in Home Depot and that puts B&Q to shame (sorry Wendy!!). So much choice and so BIG and that is just the local Jupiter one.

Had a great 4th July with Christopher and Lilia. We went to Stuart, just up the coast from Jupiter and ate in the Boat House overlooking the sea. Then we came back and went to two block parties being held by their friends. If you think Bonfire night in the UK is mad you ought to see them over here. All the neighbours out in the street letting of all sorts of fireworks from pretty ones to very loud mortars. Started about 4pm and there was still some going of at 11pm!!

Today (Wednesday) is a getting ready to attend our RV course tomorrow, and then we pick it up and park it on Christopher’s drive (7ft to spare), thank god for the rear reversing camera!!


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